10 Reasons Why Sam Pepper Can Sexually Abuse Teenage Girls

10 reasons why it is okay for people like Sam Pepper to sexually abuse Teenage Girls:

1. He is famous. He has 2.4 Million subscribers on Youtube. Who would not want to have sex with him? Do you know what a great story it would make?: “You’ll never guess who I just had sex with – non C-O-N-S-E-N-S-U-A-L-L-Y?!!! Sam Pepper!! Sooo exciting!!!!”

2. The Teenage Girl can then make a video about her Abuse-Story and the video will go viral. He is just helping her to reach her goals and become famous.

3. Have you seen his hair?! OMG I would so want to brush my fingers through those sexy waves while he is telling me to “Shut the f*ck up!”

4. Bad press is just another form of press. Celebrities need people to talk about them and scandals are a good way of doing so. It basically is his job!

5. Girls genuinely want him to notice them. He is just doing them a favour by giving them the attention they want. He makes them feel special: Not everyone is sexually abused by a youtuber!

6. They WANTED to meet him. It’s not like he forced them to come anywhere. The Teenage Girls agreed to meeting him and with that must automatically also have agreed to more.

7. He is famous.

8. He is famous.

9. He is famous.


Scandals surrounding Youtubers and their sexual contact with underaged viewers have piled up over the past year.

When I had first heard about the accusations concerning Alex Day,Luke Conard and several other Youtubers, I was –  of course – shocked. This past spring they were accused of having sexually abused viewers as well as other Youtubers. Sadly, those accusations were later proven to be true.

However this post is not about them, but about a guy (Sam Pepper) who recently has been accused of sexually harassing random girls in a video (a prank video where he “pinches” their butts). The video got a lot of criticism alongside his viewers but also Youtubers, whereafter the video was taken down. (Thanks to the fact that what once enters the internet, never really leaves it anymore: Here the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgvQMFZkKQU)
He then made another video, in which he said that the video before was all staged and scripted and he just wanted to bring awareness to the issue of sexual harassment. In this video (link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf2beNubWj4&list=UUKGiTasUqLcZUuUjQiyKotw) he also says (Quote): “At multiple events, during Meet n’ Greets, some of my viewers would grab my bum and giggle about it amongst their friends”
Yes, he really did have the nerves to make himself the victim in this whole situation and make some of his viewers feel bad for what they might have done to him! Of course it is not okay for anyone to grab anyone’s ass. But I can say that! Because I have never assaulted anyone sexually. Other than Sam Pepper: A few days later, at least three girls have stated that they themselves had been sexually abused by this same guy who felt sexually harassed BY HIS VIEWERS!!!

With his “apology video” he fell into a trap laid by himself. And the funny part about all of this:
He actually did raise awareness to sexual abuse. I am now writing about it and people are discussing it. So, I guess we have to thank Mr. Pepper for making this spicy topic so hot on the newsstand!


The three girls who have come forward (links at the end of this post), all stated that they have never wanted to say something because they were afraid of what people might think, but finally took courage to do so. Although I’ve never been a victim of sexual assault myself – and am so thankful for that! – I do believe that it must be terrifying to talk to others about the experiences: Not only would I probably try to forget everything as fast as possible, I would probably also feel like I was the one who should be ashamed. I was the trigger, I did something morally unacceptable. People could judge and talk about me. I would probably be afraid, that I have made certain mistakes and through those really am somehow responsible for what happened and that it’s all my fault. And exactly this is the reason why so many abusers are still on the run and are never held accountable for their actions. If you are a victim of sexual abuse, it doesn’t matter if you think it was nothing and you don’t want to bother others with your minor issues – if it bothers you, and if you were forced into doing something you did not want: IT WAS SEXUAL ASSAULT!

I had hoped that the scandals that had resulted past spring were just an exception and all sexual abusers amongst Youtubers were outed. And that now everything was said and we could continue strolling through our happy litte Youtube-verse. How naive. Sexual abuse is not exceptional. It can happen anywhere, anytime – to anyone. I am so happy about how many Youtubers have actually responded to this scandal and are trying to do something against it. It shows that they are not only networks, or businesses which only care about profit and money, but independent human beings who care about making the world a little bit better and decrease worldsuck….

I do not want to talk about Youtube Culture in this post, since this is not really new anymore. But I do think, it is important to remind people that we all have a certain responsibility in this world. Some more and some less. But we all do.

Now, I normally am not that kind of person who would hate on a Youtuber or insult him in the comments section. The great thing about Youtube is, that it’s so widespread. If you don’t like a genre, you just don’t click it. If you don’t like a Youtuber, you just don’t watch his videos. It’s as simple as that: Just leave, there are plenty of other things you can watch! No need to be rude.
But there comes a time where it’s too much. Sam Pepper can not just be unpunished for what he has done and continue making thousands and thousands of dollars with his prank videos, which is why I think that people like him should leave Youtube and find themselves another job, where they are not role models for teenagers.

10. Maybe he now finally gets banned from Youtube!

Here some links that might interest you:

The girls who have come forward:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vIh2-q0NTs& http://shirleyhatessam.tumblr.com/post/98329399669/i-was-sexually-assaulted-by-sam-pepper

And a BUZZFEED news article:

Meghan Tonjes made a parody to Sam’s video:

BriBry’s video about Sam Pepper:

LaciGreen’s video about it:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTsyg7ndmtQ&list=UU228Y4vvOMPieeT_XYTbe-A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMAaQrtYxUY&list=UU228Y4vvOMPieeT_XYTbe-A&index=2


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