My thoughts on Margo Roth Spiegelman and Cara Delevingne

Just so we’re clear: I did not cry watching TFIOS! No, I didn’t. Not one tear? Nope. Nada

But let’s focuse on things yet to come. Because who wants to stick with the past (how heartbreaking it may be) when there is so much to be looking forward to!
That’s right, Nerdfighters: Paper Towns is in the works!… or the papermachines…

I’m not gonna talk about the things that you probably all know already but want to focus more on the newest news:
After having Isaac.. oh wait, Quentin – cast for a long time now, they’ve finally revealed the future Margo Roth Spiegelman: Cara Delivnge…Delevinge…Delesomething! Well, basically the number one model in existance.


and her:


oh.. and her:

While the last picture is rather charming and makes her really cool, I can not get over the fact that I’m a little bit upset about this choice.

John Green has already expressed his thoughts  on her in 140 letters and seems to be very very happy with the casting:

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 22.58.01

But here is why I don’t like her – yet:
The great thing about Green’s books has always been how relatable the characters always were. He tries to create real personalities – which also seemed to be influenced by John himself –  which makes them even so much more real – Because John wasn’t the popular guy, he was just like us: normal. And so are his characters.

Here a picture of John to give you a picture of him if you’ve never heard of him:john-green-hostile

Paper Towns was the fourth of John’s books I’ve read. Oh and I’m just going to insert a tiny fun fact in here: I actually read it on personal recommendation by Nat Wolff (a.k.a. future Quentin)!! I know, soooo cool!!!!! (But that’s a whole other story ;D)

So I read it, and I have to say it was the best book I’ve read of him. I fell in love with it right away. I loved the storyline, the development, the more than hilarious characters, the boldness and most of all: how much it all made sense in the end. And I would lie, when I say I did not relate with Margo. (I still think they should’ve cast me!)

Margo was not perfect – she had curves and edges, all those imperfections! (Not to quote a legendary (ha..ha) chart song here..)

She had curves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such a huge part of the book, was how people described Margo Roth Spiegelman. Almost every character had a specific way of describing her. Margo Roth Spiegelman was not just a name, but a commitment to adventure and fun and strength and life.

There were so many hints in the book on how she did not have the perfect body, was rather small and curvy. Somewhere in the book Ben even says that she’s “not even that pretty”! Which makes her so much better. It’s her charisma that blows Q away and makes her look beautiful.

In the beginning we meet this confident girl who is so spontaneous and fun and you’d love to hang out with. But the more we find out about her, the more we find out about the real Margo – about a girl with so much insecurity and so many doubts about herself and society. She doesn’t want to lose weight, which doesn’t mean that she never stood in front of a mirror and thought about how ugly she finds herself.

She is hurt, and has been hurt so many times, and with that there is this beautiful bubble surrounding her and protecting her from people hurting her again.

Everything is perfect, as long as you don’t come near me!

This is what Margo was for me, not the perfect girl that falls in love with a nerd and makes him popular.

Paper Towns was for me about two people hiding in a shell and finding their confidence in each other and helping each other to break free.

This character, Margo Roth Spiegelman, means so much to me because she is so incredibly relatable. She does not want anyone to know about her problems, because she thinks she is supposed to be strong and she’d have a reputation to uphold.

She wanted to let go of the life she had, she wanted to escape all of this. She thought she’d be free as soon as no one knew who she was and she could invent herself all over again.

After all of this, I hope you understand why it is so hard for me to accept that a supermodel is supposed to portray this character. A tall, very very skinny, beautiful girl who – with all of this – practically embodies the word “perfect” and the business that makes us “normal” girls – feel like crap.

We, normal girls try to satisfy the expectations society holds upon us. We are afraid without a thigh gap we are worthless and will never get a boyfriend. And why? Because we see people like Cara on magazine covers having the perfect life.

But of course we know it’s all fake and photoshopped and that being a model is actually really hard and painful. Of course we know.. but this doesn’t make it less influental.

And this is what ruins Margo for me. People liked her because she was not trying to live up to all those expectations – or so they thought…

Margo wanted to oppose all of this, all those paper magazines and those paper people.

And now she – out of all of them – should be potrayed by exactly one of those?

Although I have to say that a lot of Cara’s success is due to her personality, it’s still not enough for me. She has to do some great acting to convince me.

Now, I do not want to be a hater. Like I’ve already said, John Green probably knows Margo better than all of us, and when he says she’s Margo, she is Margo.

I think I just have to be fair: Who didn’t hate Jennifer Lawrence when she was casted as Katniss?! I did. And now, I love her to death!

All we can do is hope for the best!



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