The Start of Something New

backpackSo, my dear Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my blog.

I have to tell you, it was quite a journey to finally arrive at this point of blogging where I can actually write something. For me as a person who is not very good at decisions, setting up a blog where you are practically forced to decide on the future of a site in only one step is pretty nerve-wracking.

To be honest, I was very spontaneous about all of this.

I was actually trying to convince my very talented friend to start a blog herself, and while I was casually doing some research for her on the Internet, i may or may not have casually come on and casually just created a blog myself.

That’s how a good project with a good base always starts: by thoroughly thinking and not simply clicking.

So however, after entering my e-mail I had to decide on a username. Great, this is where the easy part stopped.

After things like: „Melissalovespizza“ and „Melissa123234“ and other oh-so-brilliant-ideas. I just stuck with the one I created a while ago and since then use everywhere.

So, there I was on the next page of wordpress where someone was trying to sell me a lot of things I had no idea about, but somehow seemed to be very important and would give me alot of assets and a „better blogging experience“.

No. But thank you!

However, the hardest part was yet to come: Suddenly, I also needed a name for my thoroughly thought through project.

This was a huge step. I mean it had already been hard enough to find something as simple as a username, but now I had to face my worst fear of all times: Having a totally uncool name for a totally uncool blog – which therefore makes me totally uncool!

No, really it was hard.

I wanted one of those great names which give you the impression that this blog is going to be life- and worldchanging. I wanted one of those!

So I sat there, in front of my computer, thinking.

And thinking.

And eventually singing.

But mosly thinking.

Well, since you are reading this on my already existing blog, you probably will have realized that there was no such thing as a stroke of genius.

Which is why I – again – stuck with the simple invitation to hug me(lissa). (For all of you who did not get the pun.)

But life didn’t get easier after that. I was welcomed by alot of different themes I could choose from, to make my beautiful customized blog. If I would have the money for it.

At least 50% was not free and with that, not really an option.

I have to say, I was kind of disappointed by the lack of colors in all of the themes. But I guess I have to get used to a life without colors. I am almost an adult now, so I guess WordPress is actually telling me to grow up.

So this was it, I guess. My story how I arrived here and wrote this masterpiece of first-post, where I decided not to introduce myself or my blog, but instead discribe you in way too much detail how I struggled with something as easy as WordPress.

Have a nice day!.. Oh, And I recommend watching High School Musical again, it’s so worth it!



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